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Video’s Cross-cultural Voice

Film and video have the extraordinary ability to speak to your current audience and engage new audiences. Videos foster empathy and understanding by immersing diverse audiences in the lives of threatened wildlife and their habitats. Through captivating visuals and compelling narratives about your work, each can evoke powerful emotions, sparking a collective desire to protect and conserve endangered species, vulnerable ecosystems, and ultimately paving the way for positive changes in attitudes and behaviours towards the preservation of our natural world.
orphaned baby Bornean orangutan

Work with GLOBIO for conservation video production

At GLOBIO we exclusively partner with wildlife and conservation nonprofits, foundations, and cause-driven organizations to produce educational videos that inform and inspire.

From marketing and strategy planning and producing compelling content to tracking the results, our team of media storytellers is supports your vision and bring it to life. It’s the only thing we do!

Nonprofits are discovering the power video to educate their audiences, because:
  • Video is preferred: Research shows that if video and text are both available on the same website, 72% of people choose to watch the video.
  • Video is engaging: Since video is the only medium that combines all four learning styles, using video to educate your audience increases the chances that viewers will retain your content and engage with it in the future.
  • Video technologies enhance the educational experience: Modern video platforms allow viewers to start and stop, rewatch and skip, resume, and interact with content in ways that traditional media can’t.
  • Educational videos can be measured, tested, and improved: Video platforms provide analytics that allow educators to track and analyze audience behaviors including views, watch time, and percent completion.

different types of videos

Videos can vary in their style and format, ranging from informational PSAs to animated explainers. Consider the following types of educational videos to find the right fit for your nonprofit:

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