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The Great Ape Conservation Film Project will soon take flight!

Greetings, Supporters!

Exciting news! We’re finally launching the Great Ape Conservation Film Project (GACFP): an innovative mission to empower communities and safeguard endangered great apes and their habitats in Cameroon.

🎬 Community Empowerment:

The Great Ape Conservation Film Project engages and empowers local communities, recognizing them as essential partners in primate conservation.

🎬 Collaboration with Ape Action Africa:

We’ve joined forces with Ape Action Africa for a unified effort to protect great apes in Cameroon.

🎬 Research Phase:

Our journey starts with in-depth questionnaires in Cameroon, aiming to understand local perspectives on great apes. This data guides our tailored initiatives.

🎬 Tailored Initiatives for Impact:

Armed with insights, we craft initiatives that resonate with communities, ensuring a meaningful and lasting impact.

🎬 Compelling Films:

We produce region-specific films featuring local narrators to inspire change, using authentic stories to influence attitudes towards great apes.

🎬 Fostering Change:

GACFP promotes lasting cultural change through awareness, education, and community connections, building a commitment to protect gorillas and chimpanzees.

Your support makes a difference! Contribute to our research phase and be part of creating a brighter future for great apes in Cameroon.

Follow us on social media (@ApesLikeUs) and stay tuned for updates on our website and YouTube channel.

Thank you for being part of this incredible journey!

Warm regards,

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